First Blog Post: The Beginning

Genius hour: a set amount of time set aside for students to work on a project or goal that they are passionate about.

Question for Inquiry: How does one go about choreographing and producing a dance production?

The subject of which I am passionate about is dance and so therefore I am focusing my genius hour project on dance. Specifically, my inquiry is how one one goes about choreographing and producing a dance production. Dance and perhaps choreography is an area that I am interested to go into as a field of work. For this project I wanted to create something that showed progress in a physical way and would bring about an end product. I believe a dance production would test my limits in the best of ways.

Genius hour is a cool idea. It allows students (and workers) to explore their passion(s) and creativity. With discussions going on about creativity or lack there of in school genius hour is a prime opportunity for students to learn new skills, either totally new, or building on what they already know.