Failure…Or Not? Changing Courses

Time seems to fly by. I am currently looking at my calender and I believe my eye are almost falling out of my head. The 26th of February! It has been a while since I have blogged and I could blame it on numerous….things, but that would simply be boring you with the details of my utterly mundane existence. How terrible that would be! Perhaps, I have not simply forgotten to blog, but did not to for the fact that I “failed.” Shocking I know. It seems so human. Failing. But do not fret my dear audience for the old project may have fallen through, the new one should be successful. I hope.

Yes, it seems a dance production is very hard to set-up, much less present. I would be careful to say that the project itself was a failure and this is not to just ease my bruised ego. The project, for me, was about exploring choreography and dance. I wanted to learn and experiment. Dance as a potential major spurred me on my merry way with creating choreography. Intentions and the journey are more important than the end product. What I take away from this experience is the real measure of value. So the end product changed, but the intentions and the learning are still the same, they are still happening. If anything I have learned from this. I believe it is good that I created two or three choreographed dances before the one I am presenting.

So failure? No, changes in plan, yes. You learn and that is what genius hour is about –¬†learning and experimenting.


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