Drum Roll Please…New End Product!

My end product for this project is turning directions. Instead of a whole dance production I will choreograph and hopefully perform a solo piece. Originally, I did not want to choreograph a solo, nor perform it. Group dances can give one more to work with in terms of patterns and such. I myself did not want to perform any of my pieces. This is not to say I don’t love performance, but a whole solo in from of people I know is somewhat weird. The operative phrase being people I know and will see again as performing for strangers is much easier.

The solo piece will be to Sleeping At Last’s song, “Light.” The music is cut so that the dance isn’t too long. Mood of my new dance is lighter than the old concept of the production. “Light” is all about love and innocence, while the production was about the loss and regaining of hope. Genius hour is a positive project and so I want to carry that positive energy with this one performance.

Choreography of the dance is fun to do. With the lighter tone I get to create more whimsical moves. Essentially, I can be a kid in this dance. The song itself seems better fit to be a duet song, but I loved it so much that I simply had to use it. This left me in a quandary. I had to choreograph a solo dance with a song that was seemingly made for a duet.

The premise of the dance is that I am writing a letter to a loved one, but I can’t think of what to say. So, I imagine that I am dancing with them. I get inspired and simply dance to express myself. Every now and then I go back to the letter to write and at the end I have a surprise. No, I won’t say what the surprise is.


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