November Review

If October was the month for brainstorming, then November was the month for planning. I had all these ideas and I needed to organize them.

I started by finding the right music. I did massive searches for different styles and moods of music. I had in mind what I wanted to use and looked for it. Once I found my music I listened to it over and over again – trying to hear all the nuances. During this time I also noted the counts of the music down. With the counts noted and the rhythm understood I started creating a framework for the dances. There were certain accents, beats, and moments that I wanted to hit. I wrote my thoughts down on what I thought would be cool here or different there. I didn’t and still don’t have a perfect process. Sometimes a quick succession of moves would come to me, other times it would take¬†patience.

I also notified more people about the dancers I wanted. My piece is mostly contemporary/lyrical. This means I need dancers who have strong ballet technique who can move freely.

By the end of November I had one dance complete and the framework of the two other dances.


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