December Review

Winter break gave me a lot of free time to finish my choreography. With all the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks of school before break I unfortunately did not find much time to work on my project.

The second dance is a group which made trying to choreograph somewhat tricky. I had more people to work with in my head, but it was harder trying to imagine five or six people. With a lilt of ballet the second dance was finished in my grandmother’s basement. It was a very small space might I add. I choreographed in different areas and spaces. My room was the main area, but I would sometimes arrive early or stay later for dance classes and use open studio space. Inspiration also came from outside – in nature. I find that creativity likes restrictions. Over the years I have been given and adapted exercises to try to move differently. Certain ones I applied, either for creativity or because of roadblocks. One of my favorites is to choreograph to a certain song and then change the song. The core state of the choreography has to stay the same, but timing and some differences are allowed to fit the new song. This allows for different movement.

The third and last dance is a duet and it ends the trilogy on a lighter, more hopeful note.

Schedules and dates are still pending as I hear back from more dancers.


November Review

If October was the month for brainstorming, then November was the month for planning. I had all these ideas and I needed to organize them.

I started by finding the right music. I did massive searches for different styles and moods of music. I had in mind what I wanted to use and looked for it. Once I found my music I listened to it over and over again – trying to hear all the nuances. During this time I also noted the counts of the music down. With the counts noted and the rhythm understood I started creating a framework for the dances. There were certain accents, beats, and moments that I wanted to hit. I wrote my thoughts down on what I thought would be cool here or different there. I didn’t and still don’t have a perfect process. Sometimes a quick succession of moves would come to me, other times it would take┬ápatience.

I also notified more people about the dancers I wanted. My piece is mostly contemporary/lyrical. This means I need dancers who have strong ballet technique who can move freely.

By the end of November I had one dance complete and the framework of the two other dances.