So it’s the end of October and I’m not exactly where I need to be with finishing choreography, but it’s fine as I still have November to get all my ideas organized. My goal was to get all my choreography done roughly around October and November so I’m still somewhat on track.

Quite a while ago I figured out the story I was going to base the production on along with finding the songs for the three-four dance numbers. In short the production is going to be about suicide and hope with three key dancers. The first and third dance will feature duets, while the second dance will start with a solo and move into a group.

Choreography is tricky, especially for continuous dance numbers as one doesn’t want repetitious movement and sequences or the audience will get bored. I got interested in choreography because I loved improv (improvised dancing), but keeping steps in my head is as expected a challenge. Still, I don’t need solid choreography, in fact I don’t want unchanging choreography. I want to invite experimentation and change when I teach because that’s how dances grow. What I want is a solid enough idea and rough choreography so that I have something to change. As the saying goes something can’t come from nothing and I want that basis so that I and the dancers can change and play around with it.